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(2013-08-01, 23:48)MilhouseVH Wrote: Why would System(a) have deleted the artwork files?

Obviously that's your problem though - you scanned in the library on System(a) which meant the artwork has been cached locally, the artwork was then subsequently deleted by some process (maybe XBMC, maybe not) but because the artwork had already been cached on System(a) it's still visible on System(a). As the artwork has now been deleted, there is nothing for System(b) to cache and display. You need to restore the artwork.

Ok so tried this. Exported the library again (single files) tothe movie share, then deleted the share from (b) readded it and it re-imported the movie libary. Now it seems better but show is showing thumbnails on more movies but seems to be taking ages to load still, system A immediatley loads the thumgnails. They are on same LAN both cabled, both same hardware, both running on SD cards.
Attached latest logs for into. Latest log

I was of of the impression each XBMC system creates its own thumbnails locally it it doesnt have the image in its local cache. So why would I need to have the images in the Movie share itself for this to work. Also then what happens when a new movie is added? There will not be thumbnail images is the Movie share (because ive not exported the library) - Will thumbnails only appear on the system the library was updated on?

BTW: When iniitally adding the advancedsettings.xml file to each of the systems (as per guide), it doesnt say reboot beeen adding the xml file and importing the library. I have been doing to since assume XBMC will only pickup this xml file from boot. Is this correct?

So I did...
(1) Copy this advancedsettings.xml file you just created to the userdata folder of every XBMC install you want to sync with.
(3) Open any of your XBMC installs and re-import your library data (If you have not created a library yet you can skip this step)....

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