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(2013-08-10, 02:25)Ned Scott Wrote: I'm not sure if .artist works the same way as .actor, since I rarely touch the music side of XBMC, but yeah, I totally blanked that it would still be needed for other clients to pull from.

I'm assuming it's a typo from Barry D. as he's talking about movies and I know that XBMC will look for a ".actors" folder within each movie folder. To be honest I've never heard of a ".artists" folder in relation to XBMC, so if it is created by the export process when exporting movies, you could very well be right and it's totally unnecessary.

(2013-08-10, 02:33)Barry D. Wrote: As I mentioned I did delete those files for a couple of movies and I was still able to view cast for the movies where I had deleted the files so it doesn't seem to make any difference on the client side.

Yes, you'll be able to view the cast artwork on the client that imported (scanned/scraped) the library as all the artwork (including cast artwork if "Download actor thumbnails" is enabled) will have been cached locally, but it's unlikely you'll now be able to view the same cast artwork on another client that still needs to cache the cast artwork which no longer exists.
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