HOW-TO:Share libraries using MySQL: Wiki Edition
(2013-08-29, 16:18)seninha Wrote:
(2013-08-29, 12:30)Ned Scott Wrote: You have to use two different MySQL DBs by using the <name> tag to create a different DB for the kids profile's advancedsettings.xml file.

Can you give me an example how my advancedsettings.xml must look like? IP where myqsl is running:

This is how my advancedsettings.xml looks like in my UserData folder


If I go to Profile/Kids/Userdata/ then I do not have a second advancedsettings.xml

Ah, so the kids profile isn't supposed to be using MySQL at all? That's odd. I'm guessing the master profile's advancedsettings.xml file is being inherited by the additional profiles. That, or XBMC made a copy of the master profile's DB (which is from the MySQL DB) when it created the kids profile. (when creating a profile, it should ask if you want to copy various data from the master profile).

First thing I would try is to nuke the video DB on the kids profile by deleting userdata (wiki)/Profiles/Kids/Userdata/Database/MyVideos75.db

Then restart XBMC if it is still open.

If the kids profile still has the MySQL movies then it must be inheriting the master profile's advancedsettings.xml file. The solution then would be to make your MySQL profile into a secondary profile, like the kids profile. The master profile would then just be a blank dummy profile.

I'm not entirely sure if about this, though, since I haven't tested it myself, but it should be safe to test. As always, back up your entire userdata (wiki) folder on one of your computers first, just to be extra safe.

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