HOW-TO:Share libraries using MySQL: Wiki Edition

I've finally decided to give this a try. I have 3 ATV2s, a NAS (source) with TV and Movie files, and have installed mariaDB on a RaspberryPi (Arch OS) for the central SQL DB (library). Currently each ATV has a local library, with all pointing to same SMB source (NAS).

I'm confused on the final steps of the setup.

1) In the wiki, step 2, it says to export DB. Where do these files go? Are they on the ATV?

2) step 3 states to add advancedsettings.xml, with RaspberryPi IP - done, so ATVs are looking at an empty DB?

3) step 4, adding network sources, is where I'm lost, since this appears to populate the SQL DB on the IP specified in advancedsettings.xml.
- 4.1 "If you have a pre-existing local source, remove that source first" - I don't have a local source, my source is the NAS, which is not changing?
- in 4.2, "select the shared network folder that you set up previously". Is this the source (NAS) or the DB (RaspberryPi)?
- 4.3, I don't use XBMC for music (N/a)
- 4.4 'You can now add files and update the library from any of your XBMC devices and the library for all of them will stay in sync.' I add files directly to NAS and then update library from xbmc on ATV using the addon. This script will need to only be on one ATV and will update the SQL DB ?

Thanks for any assistance, I know many have already used this guide successfully, I just can't connect the dots this time.

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