HOW-TO:Share libraries using MySQL: Wiki Edition
(2014-03-03, 11:35)johnmerrick Wrote: Hi,

i'm going down this route today but wanted to ask a question or two first.

I have a Windows 7 network with all the files shared on the main (server) pc in the loft.

what do i do with the existing sources on the main pc? do i delete them or export them? then configure the advancedsettings.xml?

each other client pc is pointing to these network shares (set up individually). do i remove those sources too?

Fastest way to migrate is export your library from your main xbmc unit into separate files. This will export all your info into an .nfo file per movie/episode/show and it will also export all your fanart/thumbs etc. Be warned that if you haven't organized your media in a neat fashion, meaning movies each in a separate folder, shows in separate folder per season etc, it will be rather messy. I'm not totally sure, but I believe naming conventions are now created in such a way, that no files would be overwritten if you haven't organized your files properly.

Then, on one xbmc unit, edit your advancedsettings to point to your sql server and do a library update. It will build a central database, based on the export you just did. After that, you can edit all the other units' advancedsettings.xml.

If by local sources, you mean the content of sources.xml, they should stay intact. Local databases can be removed afterwards. Local media (music, movies, shows) should be removed since your database will point to the central media on your server.
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