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(2014-03-04, 18:43)johnmerrick Wrote: i have been using your script today and although it has downloaded many files etc it isn't downloading any music thumbs at all. i'm getting errors (in the cmd window) but i can't see what they are (is there a log file?)

There can be a log file, which you enable with the @logfile=filename property, however all the script is doing is requesting XBMC to download the files, so if there is an error downloading it's likely to be recorded in the xbmc.log.

If you're having problems downloading/caching artwork, check your network connection. If the problem artwork is remote (http urls), check your internet connection, and then check if the artwork is still available/accessible - the problem with using internet-based artwork is that it quite often disappears once it has been scraped into a library, so that when you come to view it on another client the original artwork is no longer available to be cached, and you get download errors (or in the XBMC GUI, no image).

(2014-03-04, 18:43)johnmerrick Wrote: what is the best command for finding errors in the music thumbs?

"c audio" would cache albums+artists+songs that aren't already cached.

If you want to "force" artwork for a specific artist to be re-cached, try "C artist artistname".

You can of course also try "C audio" which will forcibly re-cache (remove from the cache, then re-download) ALL your albums/artists/songs artwork, but that's a bit of a sledgehammer approach. If you just want to delete a specific cached artwork item, try searching for it using "s partial-url-pattern" then delete it using "d #" where # is the rowid - this will remove the database row from Textures13.db and the file from the Thumbnails folder.

(2014-03-04, 18:43)johnmerrick Wrote: just realised that the sources are not identical as the one of the clients has separate photo libraries etc.
You can probably still copy Thumbnails and Textures13.db in that case.
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