HOW-TO:Share libraries using MySQL: Wiki Edition
I've googled and read and googled and read some more but I still can't get this to work:

Kitchen pc stores all music, tv, movies etc. and runs Ubuntu 13.10. All shares are via nfs.

I installed mysql-server on the kitchen pc and followed this link which is damned close to the wiki which I found after .... added xbmc user in mysql and created xbmc_video and xbmc_music databases and granted xbmc ALL.

CREATE database xbmc_video;
CREATE database xbmc_music;
GRANT ALL ON *.* TO 'xbmc';

And restarted mysql

Note that I have tried my.cnf set with bind_address as (kitchen pc) and and commented out and all gives the same result.

I updated advancedsettings.xml on each of my machines and when I go to TV or Movies link and try "Set content" I can run through the gui and yet it doesn't "take" ie if I select the link then I have the "set content" option again but it hasn't been set to TV or Movies .......


And restarted each machine.

I reset advancedsettings.xml back to what it was prior and I still can't set the content which seems rather bizarre as now I should be using local libraries and not via mysql to the kitchen pc.

Where the fur do I start looking?

I don't want to dump a ton of stuff here but am quite happy to take pointers on where to look.

Cheers, Duncan

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