HOW-TO:Share libraries using MySQL: Wiki Edition
(2014-05-25, 23:57)svenh Wrote: I did not want to cross post this in help and the tips and tricks section, but I wanted to know if anyone knew the answer to this question:

In the past if you wanted to share your thumbnails via a network share, you had to use path substitution. Now, everything says that as of Frodo (v12) you no longer have to do this. (see wiki article:, even the upgrade guide for XBMC states this is done automatically: (

My question is, where do you tell XBMC to store said thumbnails so it can automatically do this? If you are no longer using path substitution to redirect the files, where do you tell XBMC how to do this? I am probably missing something incredibly easy, but the way this is written does now make a lot of sense to me unfortunately =\

Thanks for any help!

Since Frodo, Thumbnail sharing isn't supported, period. You can use path substitution to store thumbnails on a network for a single client if you are short of local on-device storage (eg. Apple TV etc.) but actually sharing thumbnails between two or more XBMC clients using common network storage is not supported and will not work reliably - it will cause problems for one or more of the clients.

Since Frodo, It's not so much that you no longer "have to do this", it's actually that you shouldn't do this.

Unless you are short of local storage there is absolutely no reason to use the network (and path substitution) for Thumbnail storage, and you certainly should not be sharing thumbnails between clients under any circumstance.
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