HOW-TO:Share libraries using MySQL: Wiki Edition
(2015-02-20, 23:28)flhthemi Wrote: You shouldn't have to delete that, I've not had to. Pretty sure it'll get changed by removing the sources within Kodi.

Share the music from main to bedroom just make sure bedroom has no music sources. Thats how mine is working.

In the future, after its all working, don't use the entire "Main" Kodi folder as a back up for the bedroom or you'll get the sources file from it and might have dupes again. Like, today I just got another Zbox. I'm installing Kodi on it and will copy the Kodi folder from it to the new one. Then they'll be the same. No need to worry about anything as the 1st Zbox is NOT a server to the system. If it WAS the server, and if I copied Zbox 1s kodi folder to Zbox 2, I would NOT start Kodi on Zbox 2 with the advancedsettings.xml file until I started it WITHOUT it so as to make sure there will be no sources on Zbox 2. Follow that?

So I've cleared all video and music sources from device Bedroom, and even went as far as deleting all the contents of the sources.xml file except "<sources></sources>" . I then cleaned the library, restarted Kodi, and cleaned the libraries again. BUT, I'm still seeing some movies and tv shows displaying and accessible. The only thing I can think of is that device Bedroom is still claiming libraries are present based on menu shortcut custom actions that point to an SMB drive (i.e. "ActivateWindow(Videos,smb://path,return)" )...but there are no 'sources' so to speak present.

Prior to re-adding the advancedsettings.xml file back to device Bedroom, I am clearing content and resetting content on all library sources on device Main, which is forcing a re-scrape of my media files . I'm hoping this will help do the trick.

What source related settings, scrapper related settings, and update related settings should be different from what is considered the Main/Server device (that performs the updates and scrapping to the MySQL Db) and the Client device(s)?

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