HOW-TO:Share libraries using MySQL: Wiki Edition
(2015-02-21, 07:07)dgcruzing Wrote:
(2015-02-21, 00:28)RamboUnchained Wrote: Why isn't there a video tutorial for this yet? Seems like a 15min video would save a bunch of people trouble and time...

Wow.. while providing your setup file is a good thing.. shooting your fingers off with a statement like that is opening yourself for a flaming..
Youtube is your friend and in fact there is some great videos made for different NAS DB setups.. People just need to find them..

I don't understand how my wondering of why there isn't an up to date version of setting this up is available can be considered shooting my fingers off. Instead of answering the same questions every day, I'd make a video and be done with it. That's all I'm saying. It makes no sense. It's like someone choosing to cash a paper check every week over receiving direct deposit. I guess that's just me, though...I couldn't get my user and permissions right until I copypastad the Create and Grant All lines from the wiki. The symbols around Kodi weren't ", `, or '. I tried all 3, but the moment I copied and pasted it worked. Small things like that should be included in the wiki. "Copy and paste this to save yourself some time" Simple. I took a crash course in XML thanks to Xbmc/Kodi. I don't have the time nor the patience to "learn" MySQL, too. I just need to get it functioning. I can handle whatever happens from there.

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