HOW-TO:Share libraries using MySQL: Wiki Edition
(2015-02-22, 04:04)RamboUnchained Wrote: So I've created a folder on my NAS just for my Mach 8's thumbnails and added this line to my advancedsettings.xml:


Upon loading Kodi on the Mach 8, the thumbnails folder on my NAS instantly filled with numbers 0-9 and a few random letters, but nothing is being saved there, so I have a bunch of empty thumbnails. I've utilized the "everyone" permission for that folder, but it doesn't seem to take.
One thing that we had to do on the Android ATV1200 Boxs was copy all of the thumbs we had generated across to the substituted path..thus then run it.. So then it was populated with the artwork of our choice..

The Bear had it sorted on how to do this in the ATV1200 thread.. But I can't find that post at the moment..but here is one of his posts so you know who I am talking about..
He has this all sorted and so did most of us that used the same setup..

The other thing I have used is Mudislanders CCM for Helix that has the ability to direct the skin to look to the NAS for fanart.. Thus all devices look the same and are pulling from the same directory..

As to the new Wiki update on shared thumbs..

This then posses the question..
As it explains why its not a good idea to do this...
It leads me to believe then that we are making multiple thumbs directories on the NAS of our choice for each and every device that is used with in the share environment?

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