HOW-TO:Share libraries using MySQL: Wiki Edition
(2015-02-22, 05:01)Milhouse Wrote: @RamboUnchained: Delete the Textures13.db file from the Mach 8. Your remaining problem is a perfect illustration of why thumbnail sharing isn't supported, and is prone to failure.

If a client has plenty of local storage, then don't use path substitution - simple as that. If however you have a client with insufficient local storage, then allocate it a dedicated, unique folder on your network that is only read/written by that client (using path substitution) and not accessed by any other client. Rinse and repeat for very additional client with insufficient local storage.

I appreciate your help thusfar. This is way more of a headache than a bargained for. Deleting textures13.db didn't do anything. It was only a 36kb file when I deleted it. I don't understand why my device can save remotely, but can't access what it has saved remotely. That's extremely weird. When I press an addon to configure it, the addon's icon shows up normally, but it doesnt show up at all when just browsing. If I can't get this to work, I'm just going to try to save thumbs on /storage/external_storage/sda/. It's a 16GB USB 2.0 disk with the most annoying flashing red activity light ever...

EDIT. Hmm. So I went to my mach 8's thumbs folder on my NAS and noticed that the "pictures" are empty placeholders. Windows can't open the files. Weird. Window's properties tab shows that there are 44 files, 18 folders, using 0 bytes. lol. What the heck?

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