HOW-TO:Share libraries using MySQL: Wiki Edition
(2015-08-24, 12:17)MissShadows Wrote: I hope someone can help me, because i am very stuck.
I have an HTPC, windows 7 and an android tablet, both using Kodi.
I am using a addon to stream tv shows and movies.
I want to be able to add videos to my library, but i want to store my library on my nas so i can access it with both devices, and that they sync, so when i watched an episode on my htpc i can see on my tablet that i have watched episode 1.
But i get stuck with the cofiguration and installation.
Do i install mysql on my nas or on my pc.
and in the configuration which config type do i choose?
And when creating the xml file, what ip adress do i put in, my nas or my htpc?

I have my library on my NAS, MySQL on a Windows7 PC, and run KODI on 2 other PCs and 2 Chromeboxes. All my watched flags are synced across devices as well as my resume functions.

My NAS is running unRAID. I tried to put MySQL on the NAS but had nothing but issues during shutdown. You have to shutdown MySQL clean before you can shutdown the NAS or the disks will not dismount. Every time I tried I would end up corrupting my database and doing a rebuild. Since I have a large library this took a LONG time. I don't recommend running off your NAS unless you know what you are doing.

So I use a Windows7 PC for MySQL server and leave it up 7x24 (which it was anyway). I do my library updates from it.

Use the wiki for the config of MySQL. Don't use the latest version of MySQL but the one specified there.

Your xml file should have the ip address of the device running MySQL.

You will have to configure firewall ports but I don't know why you would need to open router ports. Unless you are accessing from outside your LAN it should only go through a switch and not the router. I may be wrong but I don't recall doing anything to my router.

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