HOW-TO:Share libraries using MySQL: Wiki Edition
I'm trying to ease my way into this, never having used any of the library functions before :-( Here's the deal: my husband uses his tablet heavily to watch local content, but he moves from room to room in the middle of a video.... So we have a PC attached to the TV in the living room and have ordered a TV box for the downstairs "man cave" once I discovered the Upnp functionality.

Of course this creates another problem since resume points don't work properly with Upnp (Jarvis 16.1--gotta be for his tablet).

In short, we need a way to play local videos from his tablet either on the tablet itself or to another Kodi via Upnp AND maintain proper resume points on his tablet.

Is MySQL the way? I've installed it on my Win 10 PC as a test and set up a basic database form following

So far I've had no luck. I did manage to finally get some of my local videos to generate a library, I guess, because all kinds of new stuff appeared on my tablet screen (where I was doing the library formation) and then it also appeared on the Kodi on my PC all by itself! So I guess that's good. But when I start a library video on my tablet with "Play using..." directed to my PC, I do get a resume option but it is ignored and the video starts on the PC from the beginning.

If I try to start the video from the library on the PC (my preference), it starts from the beginning, not from where I left off on the tablet. So clearly something is not right. This whole library thing is pretty complicated. Generally we use Kodi as a video player (yes, we have a few addons, etc. also) for local content which is deleted after watching, so that's why we've never used library functions before.

So...the Wiki makes it sound like it should all work. But it doesn't?

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