HOW-TO:Share libraries using MySQL: Wiki Edition
(2017-05-30, 21:26)flhthemi Wrote: Well I think you're trying to do something ( going away from your local network) that neither Kodi or MySql is intended to do, in the manner you're trying to do it, and you might have better results using Emby media server and integrating it with the Emby addon into Kodi. MySql REPLACES UPNP. Most people using it (MySql) have their media files stored either on a NAS device or a PC that acts as a server. Like in my situation, I have a NAS serving the media. I have MYSQL setup on an old laptop that is ON 24/7 and I have 5 devices accessing MySQl and using it to keep the Kodi library. I can add movies to the NAS and add them to the library from any one of the PCs or Android devices I have via Kodi Library Update. I don't think it was really meant to be used off site. Seems like you're trying to do it all backwards. Putting the media on that PC you have connected to the TV and sharing them from there to the rest of the devices is the way it usually gets done.

As far as keeping the watched status and resume points, do you have these lines of code in your advancedsettings.xml file:


Yes, I realize this is sort of bass-ackwards, but that's the way he watches things...I could never do it :-)

Because of these issues I decided to try a different approach and looked at the Trakt addon. Initially I passed that up (although I have a account I never use), but considering what I wanted to do... Anyway, I set it up on my tablet and my PC for a test run. Once again the whole Library thing just seemed so impenetrable, but I did get a local Library finally on the tablet with a few videos. Then I set the UPNP on both machines to share Libraries, discover, etc.

After a few restarts and some fiddling with authorization on the Trakt addon, I finally saw a Library on my tablet, but not on the PC. However, under Videos->Files I deleted a former UPNP link to my tablet and made a new one. To my surprise, opening that revealed a Library directory, not just a file list. Sure enough, I was able to resume videos in-progress from the correct point on both devices.

I think this is about as close as I can get. There's nothing to stop the tablet from starting up Kodi away from other instances and--presumably--the Trakt addon will update the on-line database the next time wi-fi is available if viewing is done off-line.

I only wish there were some way to hide all that Library "stuff" from under the VIDEO heading on the home screen of the tablet. "Files" and "Addons" are quite enough for the small screen. I suppose that's in the code somewhere. Maybe that's my next project :-)

Thanks for your time and the explanations which eventually led me away from a path that would not have been a good fit.

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