HOW-TO:Share libraries using MySQL: Wiki Edition
First, just to make sure we're starting on the same page. When you followed the guide you linked, in Step 2, did you run this command exactly as they had it?


The reason I ask is that the part after "IDENTIFIED BY" is the password for the user. Whether or not you changed it, that password is the one you should put into your advancedsettings.xml file. Just want to make sure you didn't mix the kodi (Step 2) and root (Step 2) passwords.

Assuming the above is all sorted out, if you go back into the MySQL Command Line Client and then run the following command:

SELECT * FROM mysql.user WHERE User = 'kodi';

The first column should be Host and it should have a % as its value. If that's not so, run these commands:

CREATE USER 'kodi'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY '{yourpasswordhere}';
GRANT ALL ON *.* TO 'kodi'@'%';

(Re-)start Kodi with your MySQL advancedsettings.xml file in place, and see if it can connect (and create) the Kodi databases. (If you run the following command that @flhthemi posted within MySQL Command Line Client, it should show MyMusic60 and MyVideos107 databases):


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