HOW-TO:Share libraries using MySQL: Wiki Edition
I want to use this method to share a library across two boxes, but I have a few questions about what I read on the wiki.

The instructions say to make the files accessible over the network. I already shared them with UPnP before I learned that it didn't really sync them up between devices like I thought. It is more like navigating a folder structure. I wanted both boxes look identical (I know skin settings are separate) in that the Movies item goes straight to the list and the widgets shows recently added, etc.

Anyway, they are shared with UPnP, but the wiki says that even the box running MySQL needs to access them over the network (for advancedsettings.xml). Currently the library exists on an external HD locally connected to box 1. I'm worried if I remove that source and re-add it using the UPnP share of itself (assuming I have that right) it will essentially zero out all my library stuff as far as watched, resume times, etc. Will I lose all that stuff or am I missing something?

I also just wanted to make sure I have this right and that the end product will mean that both the boxes see the library "natively" for lack of a better term. I don't want to have to navigate through Videos, Titles, etc and not have the background art and all that stuff I love about it looks on box 1.

Last question for now. Box 1 is a pi3. Box 2 is a Vero 4k. Should I run MySQL on one box over the other? I know the Vero is generally more powerful, but I'm not sure how much juice MySQL really takes or if the effect will be negligible.


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