[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2013-03-24, 10:44)MilhouseVH Wrote: Version 0.2.3:

* Added logfile property, to log processing information. To a file.

Version 0.2.4:

* Added cache.ignore.types property to ignore troublesome image://video urls which may or may not work, depending. Disable by setting to None. Multiple image types can be specified, eg. "image://video, image://http" to ignore local video images, and also all remote images. Each pattern is matched against the image url, so you could exclude specific remote web sites too (eg. "cache.ignore.types = image://video, .*imdb.com.*").

* Added additional QA rule to highlight missing artwork (as in, missing from cache). For qax option, this will not initiate a rescan of the directory unless other existing QA rules also fail - if the missing artwork is image://video then try and cache it via the GUI, for other artwork try pre-loading by using the c option.
Perfect! A very good call to add the property cache.ignore.types
The log file is also an amazing addition to know in more detail what's going on.
Thanks again for all your excellent work.

Now the bad news Smile
I was testing the other options, and I found that there's something wrong with r/R, as it is showing all the files in the cache as orphaned.
While testing the R option, the script deleted the entire XBMC cache, so I'm now rebuilding it using the c option.
Please let me know if you need any more data on this issue.

Option qax is working partially: it requests XBMC the rescan of the affected sources, but XBMC doesn't refresh the info on the files on that source, probably because the already calculated hash of the source (stored in the media DB in the field path.strHash) has not changed.
Deleting the hash stored in that field and then asking XBMC for a new scan of that source should do the trick.
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