[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2013-03-29, 21:13)MilhouseVH Wrote: It should certainly be deleting both the database row and the corresponding cached file - you can confirm this by enabling the logfile option (logfile = filename) and then looking to see if any SQL deletions took place. Though I'm not sure how sqlite3 manages its database size as rows are removed - maybe it never shrinks the database (potentially expensive and counter productive) and holds on to the now free space to be re-used in the future? You can get a row count by running the x option and piping the results through "wc -l", or use the "f" option - there's a rowcount summary at the end, along with the amount of disk space used by the corresponding files.

Sure will try next time.

(2013-03-29, 21:13)MilhouseVH Wrote: Again thanks. Though not sure what other switches to add right now, I'm fresh out of ideas... currently just tweaking the code and hoping to get to the bottom of this Pi killer issue. If you've got any suggestions for the future, fire away!

Anything that can benefit from a multithread could really really be added this, idk the script or scripting or any coding to make educated guesses, but If thers any Im sure you will know what to do. Your doing pretty well so far!.

(2013-03-29, 21:13)MilhouseVH Wrote: Not sure how long it will last - I only started it as a way to learn a new language, and to more easily extract rows from sqlite3 database - and now look at it... Smile

Yea, things tend to get out of hand but as long as its helping and doing some job, its always a good idea. I started posting to help others and now am doing the odd xbmc wiki imrpovements/additions and am trying to get XWMM a push to get more developers interested and the ones that already worked on it to continue improving it, but Im not a coder, and Any projects like that need developers so they dont struggle, and its struggling.

I'de love to have someone half as skilled as you join these side projects which help many users, though keeping them going is not so easy. Perhaps now you have your stuff on github I can mess with a couple of ideas I had for you and maybe others will join in.

btw if you ever feel like you can help XWMM come by and see whats its like so far @ https://github.com/slash2009/XWMM or http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=60643

Will go mess your gitcode in a jiffy and make a PR and do something else documentation related.



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