[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
Really? Thats interesting, because I have 1607 movies, and only 1601 made it into the library..


So I just tried that, and I get the following errors:

./texturecache.py missing movies Movies
Traceback (most recent call last):0/mnt/user/Movies]
File "./texturecache.py", line 3921, in <module>
File "./texturecache.py", line 3900, in main
jsonQuery(action="missing", mediatype=argv[1], labels=argv[2:])
File "./texturecache.py", line 2093, in jsonQuery
fileList = jcomms.getAllFilesForSource(mediatype, labels)
File "./texturecache.py", line 1359, in getAllFilesForSource
for file in self.getFilesForPath(path):
File "./texturecache.py", line 1384, in getFilesForPath
self.getFilesForPath_recurse(fileList, path)
File "./texturecache.py", line 1401, in getFilesForPath_recurse
self.getFilesForPath_recurse(fileList, os.path.dirname(fname))
File "./texturecache.py", line 1391, in getFilesForPath_recurse
files = data["result"]["files"]
KeyError: 'files'

Perhaps this is because the "Movies" source is:

./texturecache.py sources
video: Movies: nfs://
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