[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2013-08-14, 01:10)klestor Wrote: Can someone help me?

I always get errors when trying to grab a thumbnail using:
./texturecache.py c movies Babel

Looking in the log I always get ** iotimeout occurred during web request **
Looks to me there is a problem associated with RPC, I've checked webservice and I can access it on port 8080. Although I can see my movies listed I usually get a "Connection to server lost" error at the top of the page.

Unfortunately you've not specified the correct parameter to create a full log, so a lot of the logged information has been truncated. If you run it again, specify "@logfile.verbose=yes" NOT "@log.verbose=yes".

As for the iotimeout errors, you'll need to look at your XBMC log (/storage/.xbmc/temp/xbmc.log) and see if there is anything there which might give a clue what is happening. The "Connection to server lost" would suggest a communication problem between XBMC and the remote web site (maybe it's down/offline, or experiencing intermittent availability issues), or possibly even an unstable internet connection (just a guess).

Try running the script again - this time with logfile.verbose=yes - and upload both the script log and also your XBMC log (with DEBUG enabled). Maybe then it will be possible to see what the problem is when I have both sides to put together. Smile

(2013-08-14, 01:10)klestor Wrote: I wasn't sure if I was suppose to touch or create a config file, here is the output of ./texturecache.py config

On Linux systems, eg. OpenELEC, you shouldn't need a property file - at least initially.

My advice is to try the script without a properties file, as it might work just fine, but then if you decide to create a properties file, add only those properties you want/need to change - leave everything else to be defaults. I don't advise putting every possible property into your properties file - I've tried to use sane defaults for most properties.

(2013-08-14, 01:10)klestor Wrote: EDIT:
Looking through the log again I noticed this error Image not available for download - uncacheable (embedded?), or doesn't exist.. The url for the poster/fanart contains stripped characters like:

If I manually fix the url and try to access it in a browser it does exist!

This is interesting - although you can't see it on the forum, if you copy & paste the above quoted URL (not your manually fixed version) to a text editor (I'm using TextPad) there is an unprintable character between the "." and "j" of "jpg". You can decode (unquote) this URL using a web tool such as this, and if you then copy the decoded URL to your browser address bar, it will fail to load the image.

This is the decoded URL, and if you try to open it in a browser you'll get a web page that says "Format not Supported". Now take another look at the URL in your browser address bar and - if you're using Firefox or Internet Explorer - you'll see extra characters have appeared just before the "jpg" -> "...m7S.%E2%80%8Bjpg". If you're using Chrome, you'll just see a space appear between the "." and "jpg".

So it looks like the URL for that particular artwork has been mangled in your media library. It's probably mangled at the source, and really needs fixing there, but for now you'll need to correct the problem in your media library (find the movie in the GUI, go to the Info page and choose a different artwork source).

EDIT: Turns out that %E2%80%8B is the UTF-8 hexadecimal encoding of the Unicode Zero-width Space character.
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.

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