[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
hi millhouse, im attempting to run your script with the c option to create any missing artwork, exact command as follows:-

python ./texturecache.py c

im running openelec 3.2.1 64bit and have PVR enabled (tvheadend), i am getting repeated errors in the logfile (verbose logging switched on) i have created a config file and have the following in the config file:-

xbmc.host = localhost
webserver.port = 80
webserver.username = xbmc
webserver.password = <my password>
rpc.port = 9090
logfile = ./texturecache.log
logfile.verbose = yes

the first error i see is a json error regards downloading what looks to be an addon:-

Need to cache: [ fanart ] for addon: Repositories Installer

Caching artwork: 3 items remaining of 3 (qs: 0, qm: 3), 0 errors, 1 thread activCaching artwork: 2 items remaining of 3 (qs: 0, qm: 2), 0 errors, 2 threads actiCaching artwork: 1 item remaining of 3 (qs: 0, qm: 1), 0 errors, 2 threads activCaching artwork: 0 items remaining of 3 (qs: 0, qm: 0), 0 errors, 1 thread activCaching artwork: 0 items remaining of 3 (qs: 0, qm: 0), 1 error, 0 threads active (32.97 downloads per second, ETA: 00:00:00)

The following items could not be downloaded:

[fanart ] [Repositories Installer ] image:///storage/.xbmc/addons/plugin.program.repo.installer//
libPvr.tv.channel.ERROR: JSON response has no result!
{u'jsonrpc': u'2.0', u'id': u'libPvr.tv.channel', u'error': {u'message': u'Invalid params.', u'code': -32602, u'data': {u'method': u'PVR.GetChannels', u'stack': {u'message': u'Received value does not match any of the union type definitions', u'type': [u'string', u'integer'], u'name': u'channelgroupid'}}}}

i then see the following repeated, so looks like its failing on every item:-

2013-09-30 13:01:24.452457:Thread-5 : preparedl.JSON WEB REQUEST: [{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "params": {"path": "image://%2fstorage%2fdownloads%2fxbmc_videodb_2013-03-26%2fmovies%2fContact_1997-fanart.jpg/"}, "method": "Files.PrepareDownload", "id": "preparedl"}]
2013-09-30 13:01:24.458357:Thread-4 : preparedl.RECEIVED DATA: {"error":{"code":-32602,"data":{"details":null},"message":"Invalid params."},"id":"preparedl","jsonrpc":"2.0"}
2013-09-30 13:01:24.458813:Thread-4 : Image not available for download - uncacheable (embedded?), or doesn't exist. Filename [image://%2fstorage%2fdownloads%2fxbmc_videodb_2013-03-26%2fmovies%2fConfessions_of_a_Shopaholic_2009-fanart.jpg/]

any ideas whats going on?, from what ive read about so far i think this is PVR related possibly.

edit - have now posted up a larger log file (zipped) http://sharesend.com/hdiqc127

edit - another thought, openelec tend to use bleeding edge updates to 12.2 (frodo) and thus possibly there has been a change in the json construct, i see that error 32602 is related to "Invalid method parameter(s)", so possibly a tweak is required for the new json format?.


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