[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2013-11-19, 02:28)MilhouseVH Wrote:
(2013-11-19, 01:38)Enlightened Wrote: the only experience I have with python is using it to run headphones for music. I'm not sure how to get it running. I've opened texturecache.cfg with python but a window only opens for a few seconds.
my main machine that holds myqsl loads all thumbs instant. my other PCs loads slow and some thumbs don't load at all. my htpc is an a6 apu with an ssd and 8GB of ram. I don't think it should be as slow as it is. Will this script solve this?
I have a large library of media.

I don't know what OS you are using on your HTPC, if you explain that then it will be easier to help you.

You don't really need any Python experience, just the ability to follow the installation instructions. If you're on Windows, install Python 2.7.3, if you're using Linux (OpenELEC etc.) then Python should already be installed.

Next, download the Texture Cache script from the download link in the first post (download the source code, not the web page). If you're on Windows, open the one of the "wget" urls in your browser and click "Save as". The script is called texturecache.py, and the optional configuration properties are in the texturecache.cfg file. It sounds like you are trying to execute the properties file as though it were a Python program, and not the script itself.

Once you have downloaded the script and have it working, you should be able to run it on your XBMC client and have the client pre-load the texture cache for optimum GUI performance (use the "c all" option). I don't recommend creating a properties file unless you need to start changing the default properties - in many cases the script will work without a properties file, particularly when being executed on the same machine that hosts XBMC. Increasing the number of download threads (download.threads = #) is maybe something you would want to consider adding if your machine is sufficiently powerful (the default is 2 threads).

I have windows 8. how do I run it on xbmc?

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