[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2013-11-19, 22:21)MilhouseVH Wrote:
(2013-11-19, 20:16)bit phreak Wrote: then i tried the R command (not quite sure of what it is doing) but anyway....
this is the result i got

./texturecache.py R
Found 31,197 orphaned files for 2,621 database files.

This is far too many orphaned files for this number of
database files - more than 5% - and something may be wrong.

Check your configuration, database, and Thumbnails folder.

Add "orphan.limit.check = no" to the properties file
if you wish to disable this check.

can some please explain in detail what the "R" does. and perhaps how I get around the error above?

The "R" command (it was originally named as it's a kind of reverse lookup) finds those files in your Thumbnails folder that are NOT referenced in your Textures13.db database - ie. they are those files that are serving no purpose whatsoever and just taking up disk space, as they're no longer being used by XBMC. I refer to these files as "orphans" as usually they would have been referenced by XBMC at some point, perhaps in an earlier version of XBMC (ie. Eden?) but are now no longer used or needed.

How you have managed to acquire so many orphans you don't say, but I imagine it's because you have upgraded from a much earlier version of XBMC (pre-Frodo).

As things stand, you currently have 31,197 orphaned files (that can be deleted) and only 2,621 non-orphan files (that you want to keep). Under normal circumstances, you may have only a handful of orphan files, if that. Hence the safety check to avoid a catastrophic coding error on my part (it happened once - oops!).

However if my explanation makes sense, and you can think of a reason why you would have so many orphan files, then add the "orphan.limit.check=no" property to your texturecache.cfg file, and run the "R" option again - this time it will remove all the orphan files.

Your answer makes perfectly sense!
I think that you may be right about all my orphaned files. it is properly because of a very old db and numerus upgrades.
anyway i've got a backup of everything so i can practically do anything i want, and still restore it if nessesary.

I did take a look at the configuration file.
but i thought that is was very confusing. I'm a windows user and opened it up in a webeditor. I couldnt pinpoint the exact location to put the command in the file.
can you tell me wich line number to put the command

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