[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2013-12-03, 02:47)Serak Wrote: ie. extracting files from the cache to

Just to clarify that mklocal.py does not download from the cache - it downloads the original remote sources (if still available). If you want to download from the cache, use "Export Library" (but be aware that you will not be getting the original quality artwork).

[quote='Serak' pid='1564815' dateline='1386031634']
(show)/S01-poster.jpg (or whatever name makes sense)
as opposed to

You should already be covered in that case - this is how mklocal.py will create (or expects to find) artwork:


(episode filename)-thumb.jpg

Movies: (--singlefolders)

Movies: (multiple movies per folder)

Movie Sets:

You can of course use whatever artwork types (poster, fanart, banner, cdart, discart) you can think of - you're not restricted to the types listed above. You specify it using --artwork, and mklocal.py will download it (if present in your media library) or assign it (if it exists in your filesystem).

If you're unsure of what mklocal.py will create when downloading, I would suggest using a "dummy" --local folder (ie. not your real media folder) and allow mklocal.py to create the directory structure that already exists in your media folder, which will then be populated by mklocal.py with the downloaded artwork. So instead of the following, which would write artwork into my media folder (/freenas/media):
./texturecache.py jd tvshows | ./mklocal.py --local /freenas/media --prefix nfs:// --artwork fanart poster clearlogo clearart --season --episode
I could use:
./texturecache.py jd tvshows | ./mklocal.py --local /home/media --prefix nfs:// --artwork fanart poster clearlogo clearart --season --episode

and then see what folders and artwork files have been created in /home/media, without any risk messing up my media folder.

Further, if you were to specify an --altlocal source:
./texturecache.py jd tvshows | ./mklocal.py --local /home/media --prefix nfs:// --artwork fanart poster clearlogo clearart --season --episode --altlocal /freenas/media
then mklocal.py will copy any local artwork I already have in /freenas/media to /home/media, while also downloading remote artwork to /home/media, which should mean that after the above run I would have all of my tv show artwork consolidated locally in /home/media.
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.

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