[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2014-01-02, 23:18)MilhouseVH Wrote:
(2014-01-02, 21:51)shadrach47 Wrote: Maybe this is why AD is downloading just fanart and posters without seeing my prefix art?
AD doesn't support movie name prefixes. So it won't find them, but worse if you specify "use local files" and have multiple movies in each folder, AD will create a single artwork file (eg. logo.png) that will be used by all of the movies in the same folder.

(2014-01-02, 21:51)shadrach47 Wrote: When I run "texturecache.py jd movies | tools/mklocal.py --local smb://NAS-MEDIA:/Movies --prefix smb://NAS-MEDIA/Movies --artwork fanart poster clearlogo disc --output" it seems to only do poster and fanart.

Your --local path is wrong - it should be an OS path not an XBMC path (that's the point of the --local/--prefix arguments, so that the script can translate from XBMC to OS paths and back again).

The --local path should be something like "E:\Movies". Maybe it's a typo when creating this post as mklocal.py will abort with an error when provided with an invalid --local path.

Also, unless you wish to download remote artwork into the --local folder, you may want to specify --readonly.

And if your logo and discart doesn't have a movie name prefix, then you'll need to specify --singlefolders on the command line.

(2014-01-02, 21:51)shadrach47 Wrote: When running "texturecache.py s "MovieName"" it shows all the files, fanart, poster, extrathumbs, logo, and disc.

Not entirely sure how the logo and disc artwork would have made it into your cache unless they are previews? As for extrathumbs, they never appear in your movie library and will only be found by skins with extrathumbs support. If you want texturecache.py to pre-cache extrathumbs and extrafanart, add cache.extra=yes to your texturecache.cfg properties file (or include @cache.extra=yes on your command line when caching or pruning).

(2014-01-02, 21:51)shadrach47 Wrote: When I do "texturecache.py jd "MovieName"", it only displays the video file, poster, and fanart.
If you haven't used a movie-name prefix on your logo/discart artwork then you will need to specify --singlefolders so that mklocal.py knows to find artwork without a movie name prefix ("with prefix" is the default behaviour). Adding --singlefolders should successfully find artwork with a movie name prefix (fanart, poster) and artwork that doesn't (logo, discart etc.), just as long as you are using single folders for each movie.

(2014-01-02, 21:51)shadrach47 Wrote: How can I get it to cache logo and disc art? Running artwork downloader doesn't work and downloads everything. If it matters they are named "logo.png" and "disc.png"

Once mklocal.py is able to find the logo and discart, it will output the instructions that you can then feed into "texturecache.py set" which will assign the new artwork to your movies. Once your movie library is referencing the logo and discart (jd moviename etc.) you can preload the cache ©.

Thanks for the help, that helps clear up some things. I thought I always used AD with prefix, maybe i didn't have it get poster or fanart, just the others. Anyway, when I run "texturecache.py jd movies | tools\mklocal.py --readonly --singlefolders --local Y:/Movies --prefix smb://NAS-MEDIA/Movies --artwork fanart poster clearlogo clearart --output"

The results I get is "NEEDED - poster - MovieName then the location of file and readonly enabled / NEEDED - fanart - MovieName then the location of file and readonly enabled" Nothing about logo or disc. When I run that command with only logo and disc, it returns with Progress 652 of 652.

So I'm still not sure if that command I'm running is correct? The output it shows seems like it needs the poster and fanart? I"m running this on Windows with mysql on my nas.

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