[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
Hi MilhouseVH,

first of all thanks for your awesome work - regarding the openelec testbuilds and also this utility.

Due to the many options, i'm not really sure if i can use the utility in my - a little bit complicated - workflow, which can be summarized in this way:

I'm using one of your openelec gotham testbuilds on my Raspberry Pi. All my media is made available through NFS shares. With the use of a media manager (in detail: Vimedia Manager for Mac OS X), i organize all of my artwork and fanart within every movie and tvshow folder.

My "problem" is, that my library is updated every morning and for all of my new movies and tv shows, most of the time there is no local nfo and artwork available and therefore the movie/tv show scrapers are used. Every two weeks i manually download and organize the metadata with my media manager for all the new files (and also update all of the imdb ratings for my entire collection, while i'm at it).
To update XBMC, every 2 weeks after the use of my media manager, i clean my library first and then rescan every library share, to use the local artwork and metadata.

Is there a functionality in your utility, where i could optimize this workflow. The QA check just checks for missing items, which isn't the real problem here. The imdb flag seems useful for update the ratings (is the updated rating also written in the local nfo file?). I'm also not really 100% sure what the texture caching actually does and how it relates to my use case!? Sorry for the noobish questions ;-)

Thanks in advance!

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