[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2014-03-05, 01:06)MilhouseVH Wrote:
(2014-03-05, 00:33)uNiversal Wrote: Obviously not done it yet but I feel tempted.

Yeah, that's just a safety check after a bug wiped out one users cache - oops. Blush

As per the message, add "orphan.limit.check = no" to your configuration file (or add "@Orphan.limit.check=no" on your command line), and it will then remove those 5,995 files that are no longer being referenced by Textures13.db. Presumably these have been left over from a pre-Frodo installation, I'm guessing. If this explanation makes sense, then go ahead and do it (but don't blame me afterwards!) Smile

If you want to remove all your youtube cached artwork, the best option is probably "purge all <pattern>" where <pattern> is something unique about the urls you want to remove (eg. "purge all http://www.youtube.com/"). You can perform a dryrun with "purgetest all <pattern>", just to be on the safe side!

Would it be possible to add an option that purges all addon like youtube/pbs cached art and watched status from youtube and pbs like addons? Really any addon stuff thats not actual media to me could go away.

I often thought there should be a separate database for these so its easier to identify and purge and de-clutter things, I dont want to nuke the whole lot just the crude.
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