[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2014-03-05, 08:58)uNiversal Wrote: Would it be possible to add an option that purges all addon like youtube/pbs cached art and watched status from youtube and pbs like addons? Really any addon stuff thats not actual media to me could go away.

I often thought there should be a separate database for these so its easier to identify and purge and de-clutter things, I dont want to nuke the whole lot just the crude.

Prune (P) should get rid of most addons already, as they're not associated with your media library items.

"purge" is a faster option if you know the artwork urls you wish to get rid off, it will accept multiple patterns, and you can run it on a more frequent basis than "P" which can take quite a while to complete.

Which you prefer is up to you, prune is automated, slow and thorough, while purge is not automated (you have to tell it what to remove) but a lot faster than prune.

(2014-03-05, 10:43)uNiversal Wrote: well purgetest all http://www.youtube.com/* has 0 matches so idk what the 5,995 orphaned files for 13,978 database files are for.

If you'd already run prune (P), it would have got rid of most of your youtube artwork.

However the pattern I gave is just an example, I don't know what youtube urls look like in your Textures13.db - try a search (s "youtube") and see what urls appear, or run a "p" (prune, dry run) to see what unassociated urls are in your cache.

(2014-03-05, 10:43)uNiversal Wrote: Also when I try to run qax i get a silly error

Error: media class [addons] is not currently supported by qax

In fact it says

Valid media classes: addons, pvr.tv, pvr.radio, artists, albums, songs, movies, sets, tags, tvshows
Valid meta classes: audio (artists + albums + songs) and video (movies + sets + tvshows) and all (music + video + addons + pvr.tv + pvr.radio)
Meta classes can be used in place of media classes for: c/C/nc/lc/lnc/j/J/jd/Jd/qa/qax options.

but most of these meta classes are not supported at all by qax even though qa outputs something for them.

OK I'll remove that check so that qax works for addons, genres etc. However, since there is no Addons.RemoveAddons JSON method (the same goes for genres, songs, albums, artists etc.) any failures reported by qax will not be actioned, so qax will be ineffective. The only classes that truly support qax are movies and tvshows as these media items can be removed and then re-scraped, hopefully fixing whatever problem has been identified by qax.

(2014-03-05, 10:43)uNiversal Wrote: I get a lot of ignored stuff and here in I think lies the orphaned files...

"Ignored" items are those artwork files that match a pattern in the "cache.ignore.types" property - this defaults to "^video, ^music".

So your ignored items are embedded video or music artwork with urls starting with either music or video, and which unfortunately can't be cached using this script - you'll need to browse the GUI for those thumbnails to be extracted.

(2014-03-05, 10:43)uNiversal Wrote: I think some of these orpahaned files could be cast/actor/addons/fanart/otherthumbs

Orphaned files are files that are present in your Thumbnails folder but which are not referenced by a row in Textures13.db - this means they're taking up file space and cannot/will not be displayed by XBMC as without a row in Textures13.db it will not know that these files exist. Most often this can happen if at some point you delete Textures13.db without deleting Thumbnails, so now you have a bunch of files with no corresponding rows in the database. This might also happen if you have thumbnails left over from a pre-Frodo installation.

In order to re-create the rows in Textures13.db you need to re-cache the artwork, ie. "c audio", "c video", as these will recreate any missing texture cache rows for artwork that can be cached (which is pretty much everything apart from embedded artwork, and pictures).

Other than nuking your Textures13.db and Thumbnails folder then running "c all" to re-cache everything, my advice to keep your cache in tip-top condition would be to run the following on a semi-regular basis:
./texturecache.py P        <--- Prune: remove non-media library artwork, including addon cruft
./texturecache.py R        <--- Orphans: remove files that XBMC has forgotten about
./texturecache.py c all    <--- Cache: cache any missing artwork, for all media classes (basically, everything)

texturecache.py (Version 1.5.1 - this thread is a year old!)
  • Add: Include suspend capability (whether suspend is supported), and idle timer state in status
  • Add: Include songs as tc.members in jd albums (also j/jr/J/Jr/Jd) when @songmembers=yes
  • Fix: Remove unsupported class check on qax - now runs qax on all classes, even if there is no way to fix them
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.

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