[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2014-03-10, 20:29)MilhouseVH Wrote: @uNiversal: Thanks for the log. I've only checked a few items, but it does appear that, according to the media library entries, your Folder.jpg artwork is assigned as the thumbnails for your albums, and this artwork has been cached in Textures13.db, so if you are not seeing the correct Folder.jpg album thumbnails appearing in the XBMC GUI it's either an XBMC bug, or by design (after the tvshow/season banner discussion in your Season artwork trac issue I'm loathe to call any behaviour of XBMC an outright bug given my limited understanding of XBMC!)

It would be interesting to know what artwork is being shown when the correct (Folder.jpg) artwork is not used - do you see just a blank image, or a completely different image? If the latter, can you tell which image (which url/path) it is that is being shown? Also, check xbmc.log when browsing your albums and check if there are any cache-related errors.

The artwork being show is.... yea you guess it Blue default catch all folder in files view, or the lovely speaker/musical note icon in library view.

There's more Im afraid, and it extends to 1) album info when browsing the thumb (for these where cached art is not being shown) the current assigned art is when highlighted IS the blue folder but when 2) moving straight down it that same entry changes to what should be (old old bug noticed this ages ago and still)
It gets better, in these will not display anything of the fodler.jpg or cached art,3) after doing the manoeuvre (1-2) above and not selecting anything at all, 4) going then full out 5) back into album, now songs show that thumb and then come out and the thing is as it should be.

I have some screenshots but Ill save it for the other bug report which will be another piece meal before its addressed.

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