[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2014-03-16, 19:41)radigast Wrote: I am unable to make logos and discart show up in XBMC with these scripts. I am not sure where the problem is.

Thanks for the various logs, but can you upload the output from "texturecache.py jd movies" so I can see what your source data is looking like? I think then it should become fairly clear.

What is apparent is that your library has paths with a mixture of forward and backward slashes, these forward slashes are being added by buggy addons (usually). First thing is to fix these before any further manipulation of your library.

texturecache.py fixurls | texturecache.py set
to fix the slashes in your library.

As for "disc" and "logo" not appearing - you should be specifying to mklocal.py the artwork types as used by XBMC. "logo" and "disc" are not valid artwork types as far as XBMC is concerned - artwork that ends in "-logo" corresponds to the "clearlogo" type and artwork that ends in "-disc" corresponds to "discart".

Since you have now created "logo" and "disc" artwork in your library you may want to remove them (although if you leave them it will do no harm - they'll just be ignored, as you've discovered).

To remove an artwork item you set it's value to "" (although this is only supported if you are running a recent Gotham build), eg:
texturecache.py set movie 2 art.logo "" art.disc ""
where 2 is the movieid of your Hunger Games movie. The above will remove both the logo and disc artwork from your movie.

Then run your mklocal.py command as follows:
texturecache.py jd movies | tools\mklocal.py --singlefolders --local "E:\Videos to Archive\Movies - Adult" --prefix "E:\Videos to Archive\Movies - Adult" --artwork poster fanart clearlogo clearart discart banner landscape --verbose --output | texturecache.py set

and this should find and load your clearlogo and discart artwork.

When you specify artwork types to mklocal.py you can also specify the associated suffix, using typeConfuseduffix notation. mklocal.py has special logic to handle clearlogo and discart, otherwise you would need to specify clearlogo:logo and discart:disc when processing these types. Most artwork maps the type to the suffix, it's just these two that I'm aware of that require special processing (hence the extra support that is already present) but if there are more you can pass the details on the command line using the typeConfuseduffix notation.

Also, if you have your library organised with individual movies in their own folders, you may want to add the --single argument to mklocal.py - it should have no effect unless you are downloading remote artwork in which case it will dictate how the artwork is named (with --single it will not use the movie name as a prefix).

One last thing, I'm not sure what's going on with your extrathumbs - they seem to be present twice in your cache, once with a single backslash and again with two backslashes - can you confirm if the latter is being created by texturecache.py caching the thumbs (delete the thumbs from the cache, then cache your movie again and see what thumbs are created)? That will need fixing as it's likely that the cached version with two backslashes is being ignored by the GUI. A logfile would be handy when you perform the cache (add @logfile=c:\tc.log).
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.

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