[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
Thank you for your constructive feedback and support MilhouseVM. Let me address each part of your post point by point.

First, my movie database is only 2 movies large, as I am simply learning your script on this small test database.

MilhouseVH Wrote:What is apparent is that your library has paths with a mixture of forward and backward slashes, these forward slashes are being added by buggy addons (usually). First thing is to fix these before any further manipulation of your library.
The only addon I used is Artwork Downloader, and the information I posted at the beginning of my previous post showed this virgin run of AD on my brand new database. It seems that it is the culprit for the reversed slashes for landscape, clearart, logo, and disc images. I won't be using Artwork Downloader for my real database once I become more competent with your script. I was simply using it as a comparison to see how your script adds pictures to the database so I could troubleshoot my own problems with logos/discart. But, thanks for the tip to fix the slashes should I ever need it. What would happen if these reverse slashes were never fixed in the database?

MilhouseVH Wrote:Then run your mklocal.py command as follows:
texturecache.py jd movies | tools\mklocal.py --singlefolders --local "E:\Videos to Archive\Movies - Adult" --prefix "E:\Videos to Archive\Movies - Adult" --artwork poster fanart clearlogo clearart discart banner landscape --verbose --output | texturecache.py set

and this should find and load your clearlogo and discart artwork.
Thanks for the tip on the clearlogo and discart variable mistakes. I cleaned the database and reran the command with the updated variables for clearart and discart. Everything showed up! Worked like a boss! Thanks! My mistake with disc and clearart was because I wasn't aware that XBMC called them differently than the actual filename AD give them. In the future, I am also going to be scanning in TV shows. Where do I find a complete list of the actual proper artwork variable names for TV shows for mklocal.py so that I don't make silly naming mistakes again?

MilhouseVH Wrote:When you specify artwork types to mklocal.py you can also specify the associated suffix, using typeConfuseduffix notation. mklocal.py has special logic to handle clearlogo and discart, otherwise you would need to specify clearlogo:logo and discart:disc when processing these types. Most artwork maps the type to the suffix, it's just these two that I'm aware of that require special processing (hence the extra support that is already present) but if there are more you can pass the details on the command line using the typeConfuseduffix notation.
So...if I called my clearlogo file "prettyandcolorful.png", then I would use clearlogo:prettyandcolorful in the script instead of clearlogo?

MilhouseVH Wrote:can you upload the output from "texturecache.py jd movies"
MilhouseVH Wrote:One last thing, I'm not sure what's going on with your extrathumbs - they seem to be present twice in your cache, once with a single backslash and again with two backslashes - can you confirm if the latter is being created by texturecache.py caching the thumbs (delete the thumbs from the cache, then cache your movie again and see what thumbs are created)? That will need fixing as it's likely that the cached version with two backslashes is being ignored by the GUI. A logfile would be handy when you perform the cache (add @logfile=c:\tc.log).
I will do both later today on a fresh database when I get home from work.

Two final unrelated questions:
  1. What command would I use to get the database ID number? For example, my Hunger Games database ID was 2. However, the only way I knew that it was 2 is because it was the second movie I added in the database. If I have 1000 movies, what command could I use to find the ID number of any one of those movies stored in the database?
  2. Does your script also download missing artwork from fanart.tv or other sources? The posts I have read on here seem to suggest it will, but I have tried on movies missing all artwork and none were downloaded from fanart.
Thanks again for your all of your help and support! Your friendly and helpful posts are a breath of fresh air!

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