[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2014-03-30, 21:05)MilhouseVH Wrote:
(2014-03-30, 16:03)francovilar Wrote: logfile:
2014-03-30 15:00:44.062983:MainThread: Command line args: ['./texturecache.py', 's', 'Dr. No']
2014-03-30 15:00:44.063087:MainThread: Current version #: v1.5.9
2014-03-30 15:00:44.063127:MainThread: Current platform : linux2
2014-03-30 15:00:44.063172:MainThread: Python version #: v2.7.5.0 (final)
2014-03-30 15:00:44.064864:MainThread: RPC connection established with IPv4
2014-03-30 15:00:44.065038:MainThread: libVersion.JSON SOCKET REQUEST: [{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "JSONRPC.Version", "id": "libVersion"}]
2014-03-30 15:00:44.065434:MainThread: ERROR: Socket closed prematurely - exiting

Could you add a "raise" instruction at line 1685 so that it becomes:
          self.logger.err("ERROR: Socket closed prematurely - exiting", newLine=True, log=True)

and then upload another logfile and/or whatever stacktrace you see in the console when you run the modified script. I really don't understand why you should be getting an IOError, so I'm hoping that seeing the detail of the exception might shed some light.

in terminal :

./texturecache.py s "Dr. No"
ERROR: Socket closed prematurely - exiting
007877|0/0469fdec.jpg|1080|1920|0001|2013-07-20 11:04:55|2013-12-13 19:30:14|nfs:// Movie Set/Dr. No (1962)/fanart.jpg
007878|1/13f57ae8.jpg|0720|0512|0003|2014-03-29 19:33:31|2013-12-13 19:30:14|nfs:// Movie Set/Dr. No (1962)/poster.jpg
Matching row ids: 7877 7878

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