[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2014-12-29, 18:01)redglory Wrote: Milhouse,

When I run vscan using texturecache.py with a movie path parameter, like this:
D:\TextureCache>python texturecache.py vscan "nfs://"
Rescanning directory: nfs://

Yeah, it's a bit hit and miss when you scan in a new "leaf" directory, and (un)fortunately nothing new.

My take on it is that you're asking the scanner to scan a folder ("Perfect.Sense.(2011)") that isn't yet known to the media library, so it is ignored. Scan the parent folder, however, with "vscan nfs://" and there's a very good chance that the "Perfect.Sense.(2011)" folder will be found and the contents added to the media library.

It's a bit like trying to scan in a new episode for a tv season. If it's a new season (say Season 7), then you need to scan against the *whole* library as running "vscan nfs://blah/tvshows/The Mentalist/Season 7" simply won't work, as Season 7 for The Mentalist isn't "registered" at this point with the media library, so the scan of the "unknown" Season 7 folder won't find anything.

Running "vscan nfs://blah/tvshows/The Mentalist" may also be effective (assuming The Mentalist folder has already been scanned/added), and might be a slightly faster version of the whole-library scan (it's been a while since I last tried to work out why the scanner behaved this way).

After Season 7 is added by a whole-library/tvshow scan, future new episodes in "Season 7" will be found by simply scanning only the "Season 7" folder. So the following week when "The Mentalist S07E02" is added, you CAN run "vscan nfs://blah/tvshows/The Mentalist/Season 7" and the new episode #2 (or whatever) will be added without a problem.

The automated library scanning procedure I use varies depending on movie or tvshow, and new season or existing season. If a movie is being added the whole library is scanned - trying to scan only the folder that contains the new movie will invariably fail as you've found out. If a TV show episode is being added then a whole library scan is performed if it's a new season, but if it's a new episode for an existing season then only the season folder needs to be scanned.

Not sure if this makes any sense, but the above is my take on what is happening. It's confusing behaviour, but what you're seeing now is not new behaviour.
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.

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