[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2014-12-31, 06:58)Mychale Wrote: Ok, so I have it installed as stated in post #1199, and it seems to be working. Any ideas on a test to run first?

texturecache.py c

is probably what most people run first.

(2014-12-31, 06:58)Mychale Wrote: I understand that this script is not changing anything in MySQL, just the textures13.db file for the installation on that local machine I run this on. Correct?

When caching, only Texture13.db is updated, although it is possible to update the media library (whether it be MySQL or SQLite) using the "set" option, for example:
texturecache.py imdb movies | texturecache.py set

would update your movies with the latest votes, ratings, and top250 from imdb - additional imdb fields can be configured - and these changes would then be applied against your media library, which as it's central means you'd only need to run this update on one client (potentially your Pi) for them all to see the benefit.

(2014-12-31, 06:58)Mychale Wrote: Once this DB is cleaned up and fixed on this PC, I have a personal .bat file that updates all boxes with the new textures13.db file, and a restart of XBMC locally.

So you're copying the textures13.db file to each PC? Just be aware that this could cause problems if you're not also copying/syncing the Thumbnails folder as well.

You can also run this script centrally, against remote clients by varying the @xbmc.host setting. Potentially you could run the script on the Pi against each of your Windows clients, waking them up ("wake") and putting them to sleep ("power suspend") as required. You'll need to configure the MAC address of each client to wake them up, assuming they support Wake-On-LAN. Best way to do this would be to add "sections" to your cfg for each client, ie.

allow.recacheall = yes
download.threads = 6
qaperiod = 9999
checkupdate = yes
orphan.limit.check = yes

xbmc.host =
network.mac = dd:27:eb:12:9e:7b

xbmc.host =
network.mac = dd:27:eb:12:9e:7d

xbmc.host =
network.mac = dd:27:eb:12:9e:8b

then simply add "@section=pc1" when running texturecache.py to run options against the pc1 client, add @section=pc2 to run against pc2 etc., cycling through all of your clients. Any setting in a section overrides the "global" settings you see at the top of the cfg file.

The only options that require direct access to the userdata/Thumbnails folder (ie. that need to be run locally, or against a mounted filesystem) are "f", "F", "r", "R", "S", "X" and "Xd". Everything else can be run centrally against remote clients using JSON for control and updates.

(2014-12-31, 06:58)Mychale Wrote: My last question (promise) - with a new setup, what would be a good place to start to run this script? The posts I see here have a lot of passing variables that seem unique to their setup.

Not sure I understand the question, are you asking what to run, where to run? I've fully automated my library management (scanning [vscan], caching [c], quality checking [qax], local artwork creation/loading [mklocal.py]) using this script, and run it centrally on a Pi with a MySQL library, pre-loading the caches ("lc movies"/"lc tvshows") of my non-Pi clients whenever new stuff has been added centrally.

(2014-12-31, 06:58)Mychale Wrote: This is a copy of the texturecache.cfg I wrote following the first few pages of posts:
userdata = C:\Users\Mychale\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\userdata
dbfile = Database/Textures13.db
thumbnails = Thumbnails/
xbmc.host = localhost
webserver.port = 8080
allow.recacheall = yes
rpc.port = 9090
download.threads = 6
qaperiod = 9999
checkupdate = yes
orphan.limit.check = yes

The first five settings you have are just the system defaults (rpc.port=9090 is also the default), so you can probably drop those. You really only need to specify the userdata/dbfile/thumbnails settings if they're in an unusual or non-standard location (for example, if you're mounting the userdata folder of a remote client on the local PC). The rest look fine.

(2014-12-31, 06:58)Mychale Wrote: I am amazed at how this started out as a simple tool for yourself and it grew into this.
You're amazed, I'm horrified. Wink
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.

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