[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
I ran the C after running the c because I was getting a lot of errors during the c process, this was on my main Kodi box. Still working on that, but the RPi I have is missing a lot of art work, so I'm starting to work on that.

@Milhouse - I added a [RPI] section to my .cfg file with IP and MAC address for the RPi. I can connect and started running the c process first. It seems to have cached files from a external backup I did long ago. I am getting errors like this:

[fanart    ] [Commando                                ] F:\xbmc_videodb_2013-09-05\movies\Commando_1985-fanart.jpg
[fanart    ] [Con Air                                 ] F:\xbmc_videodb_2013-09-05\movies\Con_Air_1997-fanart.jpg
[fanart    ] [Congo                                   ] F:\xbmc_videodb_2013-09-05\movies\Congo_1995-fanart.jpg
[fanart    ] [Conan O'Brien Can't Stop                ] F:\xbmc_videodb_2013-09-05\movies\Conan_O'Brien_Can't_Stop_2011-fanart.jpg
[fanart    ] [Coneheads                               ] F:\xbmc_videodb_2013-09-05\movies\Coneheads_1993-fanart.jpg
[fanart    ] [Conan the Barbarian                     ] F:\xbmc_videodb_2013-09-05\movies\Conan_the_Barbarian_2011-fanart.jpg
[fanart    ] [Conquest of the Planet of the Apes      ] F:\xbmc_videodb_2013-09-05\movies\Conquest_of_the_Planet_of_the_Apes_1972-fanart.jpg
[fanart    ] [Contagion                               ] F:\xbmc_videodb_2013-09-05\movies\Contagion_2011-fanart.jpg
[fanart    ] [Constantine                             ] F:\xbmc_videodb_2013-09-05\movies\Constantine_2005-fanart.jpg
[fanart    ] [Contraband                              ] F:\xbmc_videodb_2013-09-05\movies\Contraband_2012-fanart.jpg
[fanart    ] [Cop and ┬╜                               ] F:\xbmc_videodb_2013-09-05\movies\Cop_and_┬╜_1993-fanart.jpg
[fanart    ] [Cop Out                                 ] F:\xbmc_videodb_2013-09-05\movies\Cop_Out_2010-fanart.jpg
[fanart    ] [Coriolanus                              ] F:\xbmc_videodb_2013-09-05\movies\Coriolanus_2011-fanart.jpg
[fanart    ] [Corpse Bride                            ] F:\xbmc_videodb_2013-09-05\movies\Corpse_Bride_2005-fanart.jpg
[fanart    ] [Cosmopolis                              ] F:\xbmc_videodb_2013-09-05\movies\Cosmopolis_2012-fanart.jpg
[fanart    ] [Courage Under Fire                      ] F:\xbmc_videodb_2013-09-05\movies\Courage_Under_Fire_1996-fanart.jpg
[fanart    ] [Couples Retreat                         ] F:\xbmc_videodb_2013-09-05\movies\Couples_Retreat_2009-fanart.jpg
[fanart    ] [Courageous                              ] F:\xbmc_videodb_2013-09-05\movies\Courageous_2011-fanart.jpg
[fanart    ] [Cowboys & Aliens                        ] F:\xbmc_videodb_2013-09-05\movies\Cowboys_&_Aliens_2011-fanart.jpg
[fanart    ] [Cowgirls n' Angels                      ] F:\xbmc_videodb_2013-09-05\movies\Cowgirls_n'_Angels_2012-fanart.jpg
[fanart    ] [Craig Ferguson: Does This Need to Be Sai] F:\xbmc_videodb_2013-09-05\movies\Craig_Ferguson__Does_This_Need_to_Be_Said__2011-fanart.jpg
[fanart    ] [Crank: High Voltage                     ] F:\xbmc_videodb_2013-09-05\movies\Crank__High_Voltage_2009-fanart.jpg

Can I run a process to clear the "F:\xbmc_videodb_2013-09-05\" part of the image location and have it look in the folder with the media? or is this a MySQL data issue instead I have to fix elsewhere?

Thanks for replying and keeping me sane during this process. I also just read the reply from Post #1231, and will try as suggested. =D

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