[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
Very useful script, thanks!

Unfortunately I cannot seem to figure out the problem I am having.
I moved files about a while back. Updated library, cleaned library, cleaned up all my sources, media sources, passwords, etc in xbmc, but was seeing DB errors in the textures db, so trashed it, the thumbnails folder, and tried to rebuild. Ended up missing a lot of TV Banners. Discovered this script and thought my problem would be solved, but have tried running it with various options and I just get errors trying to recache most of the banners, namely that it tries to download them from a non-existent path.

The following items could not be downloaded:

[thumb     ] [Modern Family                           ] smb:// Family/folder.jpg
[fanart    ] [Modern Family                           ] smb:// Family/fanart.jpg

It is pulling episode art from the correct path as evidence by using the s option
003322|d/d3629323.jpg|0225|0400|0001|2015-01-25 22:47:17|2015-01-25 14:47:15|smb:// Family/Season 06/Modern Family S06E11 HD TV.tbn
003324|d/dd5606a6.jpg|0225|0400|0001|2015-01-25 22:47:22|2015-01-25 14:47:22|smb:// Family/Season 06/Modern Family S06E12 HD TV.tbn
Matching row ids: 3322 3324

So I have no idea where it is getting the old obsolete path or why it insists on using it to try and cache the banners and fan art.

Is there a certain option I can run the script with to get rid of that path and get it to pull it from the folder where the TV show actually is located?

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