[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
Ok, so when is this module going to become a standard feature of Kodi?

It is a really nice tool, works great, but I will be damned if I am going to load Python on 17 Kodi installations throughout my house. Yes, I have at least one HTPC in each main living area/bedroom/etc. and maintenance is a huge PITA for an installation like this. I have 5 kids and multiple adults here that all use the media systems all the time.

Why not right the thing in whatever language Kodi is written in as a standard module and have it included like the library cleanup toolHuh

I hate having to jump through hoops because someone "missed the boat" and didn't develop this tool properly in the first place. I run exclusive windows setups (personal choice, as I really don't want to manage a ton of *nix installs) and have just moved to FireTV sticks for a couple locations.

What REALLY needs to happen is for them to evolve the thumbnail system across the board and move it into a real database instead of a ton of files. People like me have a decent sized server (32TB without online backups, which total another 23TB) that can serve a solid database implementation. Hell, at least develop the thumbnail side so that it isn't a clusterf*** like it is now so that you can setup a single SMB share or something and have all the installations share it.

It just seems stupid to have local thumbnail caches everywhere. Oh, and after installing the FireTV stick and updating the library there are a ton of thumbnails that don't show up properly. So I am now going to have to install Python and mess around with this. THAT is why I hate *nix is the fact that it is a hackers wet dream in that you can load everything with a simple command line, but in the end it is just more and more time wasted messing around. Write a GUI app that gives a couple options and an execute and let it be done.

Like I said, THIS needs to be part of Kodi. It seems as if Kodi is making great strides to be a "best in class" media center, but to do that these issues need to be attended to.

Milhouse, great effort and work on this. Maybe you should see if you can move into the development side of Kodi or at least partner with one of the developers to "fix" this glaring hole in their design.

I have been using Kodi/XBMC since it was originally released on the original Xbox. The thumbnail cache seemed dumb back then and it is amazing it hasn't evolved since.

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