[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
Hello all,

I have been having a few issues with a new Kodi device I installed with posters not showing up on most of my older movies (using a SQL database on my NAS). I found this utility today and did some poking around and found that the paths to my fanart and poster URL's are no longer valid:

OpenELEC:~ # ./texturecache.py C movies "Dr. No"

Need to cache: [ fanart ] for movie: Dr. No
Need to cache: [ poster ] for movie: Dr. No

Caching artwork: 0 items remaining of 2 (qs: 0, qm: 0), 2 errors, 0 threads active (00.53 downloads per second, ETA: 00:00:00)

The following items could not be downloaded:

[poster ] [Dr. No ] http://cf2.imgobject.com/t/p/original/h6...wgF1YU.jpg
[fanart ] [Dr. No ] http://cf2.imgobject.com/t/p/original/bp...QsFtDi.jpg

It looks like anything that is pointing to http://cf2.imgobject.com is not working on my new device (my main client is loading everything just fine and I assume that is because the artwork is already cached locally so it doesn't need to pull from the invalid URL?)

After a bit of google searching I found that if I change the URL prefix from http://cf2.imgobject.com to http://image.tmdb.org the image loads fine. In the example of the two above files, entering the following displays them in a browser:


My question is, since http://cf2.imgobject.com is no longer valid, is there a quick and easy way to change all entries in my database to http://image.tmdb.org/ ?

I am not sure where these pointers come from (textures##.db or mymovies##.db) and wanted to check before I make things worse (sorry not a DB guy at all). Maybe there is a way to change these using texturecache.py?

Thanks in advance for any help/guidance

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