[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
Hi Milhouse,

first of all I have to say that texturecache.py is a great utility for remotely administrating Kodi-PCs in a network, especially when you are not very familiar with JSON-RPC-commands and Python. I meanwhile not only use texturecache.py for updating my music and video databases (which I have centralized via mysql) and for having all textures scraped into the cache of each single Kodi-PC afterwards. I also use it for waking up, rebooting and shutting down those PCs remotely, taking screenshots remotely, starting xbmc-backup remotely, starting the ipcamera-addon remotely when the doorbell rings (showing the picture of the camera at the front-door), and sending messages to single Kodi-PCs remotely etc.. Texturecache.py for me is an omnipotent tool for remote-administrating my whole Kodi-network just from my main computer in my office-room. I have written batch-files for most of the steps I frequently take and it has become very convenient this way.

Now comming back to the feature of sending messages (the "notify"-option): I would like the popup-message to show a jpg residing on my server (smb-access to the respective path is possible from all Kodi-clients). Alternatively I could put the picture in the userdata-folder on each client, which - of course - would limit the amount of pictures I could chose from when sending a message. I already tried both but somehow it seems did not manage to state the path correctly. The result is "NameError: name 'icon' is not defined" and the message does not go through. So how would I have to combine the path to the picture with the notify-command? Does the picture have to be in a certain format (jpg, ico) or a specific resolution?

Another thing: The option to show messages on a (remote) Kodi-PC could be very useful for a lot of things. Would it be possible to implement parameters for resizing the popup-box (e.g. to have bigger boxes popping up) or to have pictures shown not only as an icon but in a wider resolution (e.g. the picture of an outdoor camera)? Or do those things too much depend on the skin used on the Kodi-PC?

Keep up the good work!



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