[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2015-09-26, 12:59)Milhouse Wrote:
(2015-09-26, 12:18)denywinarto Wrote: Hmm something is strange milhouse, when i first run Kodi after running your script, the thumbs load alot faster....
Then i close it, reopen it, and browse my collection to test the posters load speed,
And now the thumbs in my home screen won't load at all... any idea why?
I put Container.IsUpdating and it keeps spinning...

Don't see anything strange on the log... Just long load times...


well it's finally loading the thumbs, but it takes much longer time than before i use the script.. almost 3 mins

It seems to be taking an extraordinarily long time to load images from the cache. Is there a performance problem with the PC (not enough RAM, too slow a disk etc.)?

A few movie posters and fanarts are still being cached, which is odd - they should have been cached by texturecache.py.

It does just seem to be that you have a problem retrieving artwork from the cache, which is basically a SQLite database lookup followed by a read from your filesystem, so it shouldn't be slow. I'd check the rest of your system.

Maybe also try a current build of Kodi 15.

I have a few movies and series not yet scanned.. Does that have any effect?

Hmm my PC has 2Gb of RAM, no VGA,
Processor is Core 2 Duo CPU @2.66 Ghz (2 CPUs), ~2.7 Ghz
The HDD is fairly new, and i just did chkdsk few days ago so i doubt that's the problem...

Can't really upgrade my specs though Big Grin

So it's performance problem ? I'm using custom skin as well (modded Ace)
Can wrongly coded skin cause this?

Was pretty excited because i thought got faster..
About Kodi 15, gonna be a little difficult to try it because it might break something in my custom skin...

I think my PC can still handle it.. In task manager Kodi only tops 40-50% CPU
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