[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2015-09-26, 13:24)Milhouse Wrote:
(2015-09-26, 13:06)denywinarto Wrote: I have a few movies and series not yet scanned.. Does that have any effect?

It shouldn't do, the problem seems to be the amount of time it takes to retrieve artwork from the cache.

(2015-09-26, 13:06)denywinarto Wrote: Hmm my PC has 2Gb of RAM, no VGA,

What does "no VGA" mean - you have a graphics card, right? Maybe Kodi is doing all the artwork decode in software.

(2015-09-26, 13:06)denywinarto Wrote: So it's performance problem ? I'm using custom skin as well (modded Ace)

On the face of it, yes. It normally takes less than 100ms-150ms to load an item of artwork from the cache, but in your case it's often taking 500ms, and even as long as 11723 milliseconds (that's 11.7 seconds!)

Here are the attempts to load artwork from your cache, sorted into ascending order of time taken: http://sprunge.us/DMRN

What size artwork have you cached, perhaps if you've cached 4K artwork that might explain it... particularly if it's all software decoded.

(2015-09-26, 13:06)denywinarto Wrote: Can wrongly coded skin cause this?

Was pretty excited because i thought got faster..
About Kodi 15, gonna be a little difficult to try it because it might break something in my custom skin...

It seems unlikely, but it would be worth testing with stock Confluence just to rule out the third-party skin.

Yeah, can't use any VGA unfortunately... There will be too many to replace Smile
I don't think there's any 4k artwork, i used filebot to automatically generate artworks to each movie folder in the library...
(Does that effect the caching somehow?)
And IMDB &thetvdb don't have 4k images IIRC

I forgot to mention, my NAS is structured like this :

NAS - Gigabit Switch - 20 clients

I suspected network traffic might have something to do with this,
so i tested it when the traffic is not crowded...
And yep.. the loading times seems to speed up a bit
But it's still too slow i think..

One thing i notice i keep seeing this in the log, what does it mean?

XFILE::CDirectory::GetDirectory - Error getting

Can't really duplicate the test with confluence because the skin structure is very different for home menu..

Speaking of xbmc versions, i read some people complaining about performance of 15.1.. Has this been fixed?

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