[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2015-11-18, 14:33)Nepomuk Wrote: In one batch-file?

If you like, yes.

(2015-11-18, 14:33)Nepomuk Wrote: So the batch processing the commands step by step? I mean process the 1. step, waiting until 1. step is finished, the 2. step and so on?


(2015-11-18, 14:33)Nepomuk Wrote: The 3. and 4. command will update the imdb information, that are defined in the cfg-file. Is that right?


(2015-11-18, 14:33)Nepomuk Wrote: And where will the script write the updated informations - only in the kodi media libary (Mysql-db) or in the movie.nfo too?

Only to the media library, the script never makes any changes to nfo files.

(2015-11-18, 14:33)Nepomuk Wrote: Where I can enable the separate options for extrafanart/extrathumbs/videoextras artwork in kodi?

You need to install a third-party skin that supports Extrafanart/Extrathumbs. VideoExtras is an addon, and probably only works if the skin supports it. I've never used any of these features/add-ons personally - I suggest you read the Kodi Wiki, look elsewhere on the forum where this sort of thing is discussed, and/or contact the skin/add-on authors for support.

(2015-11-18, 14:33)Nepomuk Wrote: Are this your recommend commands AND in that order to hold Thumbnails-folder and local texture13.db clean and up to date:
With only this texturecache.cfg:
cache.extrafanart = yes
cache.extrathumbs = yes
cache.videoextras = yes
cache.castthumb = yes
@echo off
texturecache.py P
texturecache.py R
texturecache.py Xd
texturecache.py c movies
texturecache.py c sets
texturecache.py c tvshows
texturecache.py imdb movies | c:\texturecache.py set   <-- maybe only who want this
texturecache.py imdb tvshows | c:\texturecache.py set  <-- maybe only who want this

I changed the order of the commands slightly - it would make more sense to run the "consistency check" (P, R, Xd) commands first, followed by the caching ("c") commands, then the imdb updates.

You may need to add the c:\ path to every call to texturecache.py, but this all depends on how you've installed it, and where.

I'm assuming you're running the script on the Kodi client, as "texturecache.py Xd" will only work if it has direct access to the Thumbnails folder - all the other commands you've listed should work remotely across the network, if you add "kodi.host=<ip_address>" where <ip_address> is the ip address of the Kodi client you wish to update.

(2015-11-18, 14:33)Nepomuk Wrote: What is with the "qa" or "qax" command - I don't use it or it's better to insert in the bath file and when so in which order?

The qa/qax options will run quality checks on your media library, looking for movies with missing artwork, missing plots etc. - qa will report problems, qax will report problems and, depending on your configuration, remove and reload movies/episodes. For instance with qax, movies/episodes that are missing metadata can be refreshed (remove/re-scan) in the hope the missing metadata will be loaded (either by scraping new information from the internet, or by loading an updated nfo). Movies or episodes that are missing artwork can be reloaded once the artwork is found locally.

I use qax on my tvshows to flag up any episodes with missing plots, and to reload new episodes that are missing thumbs - quite often the thumb won't be downloaded until a day or so after the episode, and a daily qax will automatically refresh the episode once the thumb is available.

The default qa/qax settings will identify empty/missing plots, missing standard (poster/fanart/thumb) artwork. One thing to be aware of is that by default it only checks movies/episodes added in the previous 30 days, so you might want to set qaperiod=9999 in order to check your entire library.

Use the following commands to refresh movies/episodes with missing information:
c:\texturecache.py qax movies
c:\texturecache.py qax tvshows
It probably doesn't matter much where you add it in your batch, but before the caching ("c") commands probably makes the most sense so that any removed/rescraped media item can be re-cached if necessary.

To flag up movies and tvshows with missing clearart and clearlogo artwork (in addition to fanart, poster, and thumb), use the following:
c:\texturecache.py qax movies @qa.art.movies="+clearart,clearlogo"
c:\texturecache.py qax tvshows  @qa.art.tvshows.tvshow="+clearart,clearlogo"
If/when the missing artwork is found locally, the movie or episode will be automatically refreshed.

If you wanted to be warned about missing (blank) streamdetails or movie studios (in addition to plot and mpaa):
c:\texturecache.py qa movies @qa.blank.movies="+streamdetails,studio"

Example output:
./texturecache.py qa tvshows @qa.blank.tvshows.episode="+streamdetails" @qa.art.tvshows.tvshow="+clearlogo,?clearart"
TVShow   [Connections                                       ]: WARN (missing clearart)
TVShow   [Dalziel and Pascoe                                ]: WARN (missing clearart)
Episode  [Doctor Who (2005), Season 9 Episode 9x08          ]: FAIL (missing plot)
TVShow   [Dynamo: Magician Impossible                       ]: WARN (missing clearart)
TVShow   [Frank Herbert's Children of Dune                  ]: WARN (missing clearart)
TVShow   [Frank Herbert's Dune                              ]: WARN (missing clearart)
TVShow   [Great Expectations (2011)                         ]: WARN (missing clearart)
TVShow   [Halt and Catch Fire                               ]: WARN (missing clearart)
TVShow   [Hamish Macbeth                                    ]: WARN (missing clearart; missing clearlogo)
TVShow   [Outnumbered                                       ]: WARN (missing clearart)
Episode  [Saving Hope, Season 4 Episode 4x07                ]: WARN (URL thumb ^video, local not found)
Episode  [Saving Hope, Season 4 Episode 4x08                ]: FAIL (missing plot), WARN (missing thumb, local not found)
TVShow   [The Second Coming                                 ]: WARN (missing clearart)
TVShow   [Treasure Island (2012)                            ]: WARN (missing clearart)
"FAIL" means the item has failed QA and would have been be reloaded/refreshed had the qax command been used.

The "?" preceding clearart indicates that even if this artwork type is missing, it's not a fail, just a warning (and so wouldn't trigger a refresh when using qax).

After updating the NFO for Doctor Who, Season 9 Episode 8 with the missing plot details...
./texturecache.py qax tvshows "doctor who"
Episode  [Doctor Who (2005), Season 9 Episode 9x08          ]: FAIL (missing plot)
Rescanning directory: nfs:// Who (2005)/Season 9...
Updating Library: New episodeid 13844 [Doctor Who (2005) S09E08 (The Zygon Inversion (2))]

Anyway, hope you get the idea.
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.

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