[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
Have a "look" at one of the movies that has a problem using "texturecache.py jd movies <movie name>" - you should see the artwork listed for the respective artwork "types". Eg.:

$ ./texturecache.py jd movies avatar
    "art": {
      "clearart": "image://nfs:// (2009)[DVDRip]-clearart.png/",
      "clearlogo": "image://nfs:// (2009)[DVDRip]-logo.png/",
      "fanart": "image://nfs:// (2009)[DVDRip]-fanart.jpg/",
      "poster": "image://nfs:// (2009)[DVDRip]-poster.jpg/"
    "file": "nfs:// (2009)[DVDRip].m4v",
    "label": "Avatar",
    "movieid": 2126,
    "title": "Avatar"

Now, I don't have any "banner" artwork but if I did then it would be listed above.

So from this you can see how the artwork is associated with movies. From here, artwork - including banners - are cached in the Texture Cache, which is another database (and folder) that is local to each client. Almost all artwork that is displayed to you in the Kodi GUI is coming from the Texture Cache.

You can search the texture cache for artwork using "texturecache.py s <url>", for example:
./texturecache.py s "nfs:// (2009)[DVDRip]-clearart.png"
014301|f/f6fd12f4.png|0562|1000|0002|2015-07-10 03:27:49|2015-07-10 04:27:48|nfs:// (2009)[DVDRip]-clearart.png
Matching row ids: 14301
confirms that the Avatar "clearart" image is present in the Texture Cache database (Textures13.db), and references a cached file named "f/f6fd12f4.png" - this file should be located in the .kodi/userdata/Thumbnails folder located on each Kodi client, and is the image you see in your Kodi GUI. If this cached file should ever go missing, that would explain odd texture cache behaviour.

"Odd texture cache behaviour" is most often caused by users that "share" a single Thumbnails folder between multiple Kodi clients using Path Substitution. Do not use Path Substitution to share Thumbnails folders - it's not intended for this purpose and will lead to apparently random issues when displaying artwork.

This script will ensure that the texture cache is synchronised with your media library ("texturecache.py c") and inform you of any uncached items that could not be cached (eg. original artwork is no longer available/accessible etc.) It can also detect and correct "integrity" issues within the Texture Cache, such as database entries where the associated cached artwork file no longer exists in the Thumbnails folder("texturecache.py Xd"), or deleted database entries where the cached artwork file remains present in the Thumbnails folder ("texturecache.py R").

So, when your banners disappear, start checking the basics by querying the media library and texture cache. Is the banner artwork type still correctly associated with the movie (and if not, you'll need to identify the process that is buggering things up). Is the banner artwork present in the cache (if not, why not - check the cache integrity with "Xd" and "R"). If it's not in the cache, is the original artwork still accessible?

If the banner remains associated, is available in the cache (and there are no "integrity" issues) yet the correct artwork is not being displayed (and you're not using Path Substitution for Thumbnails - or worse - Textures13.db) then it's almost certainly a skin issue (or possibly a core Kodi bug).

The best way to confirm if it's a skin issue is to test with stock Confluence - if the problem isn't seen in stock Confluence then it's nailed on to be a third-party skin issue.
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.

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