[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
Hi Milhouse
(2016-01-20, 07:03)Milhouse Wrote: So when you re-scrape/refresh a movie you're going to lose all your non-standard artwork types, ie. your banner, whether it's in your NFO or not.
Yeah, I HATE when this happens (...quite regularly Sad ).
(2016-01-20, 07:03)Milhouse Wrote: This is where you need to... re-associate the banner artwork manually... - knock up a small script that calls "texturecache.py vscan" then mklocal.py followed by "texturecache.py c movies" and you shouldn't have any more problems with non-standard artwork.

Indeed. I've been looking at the post announcing mklocal.py, and can't quite discern the minimum number of parameters required to make it do what I need Eek. I desperately need that knocked-up script, to fix/restore the non-standard art every time a scan wipes it out !

The chicken-and-egg thing is making me crazy... how can I create a process that will recognize these non-standard guys and "automatically" re-associate them with their respective movies ? Also, can it be run repeatedly without messing up any fixes done previously ?

OK, I presume it's possible Angel. Curiosity (on my part) wants to know how the three steps you outline work together. What does the vscan do/create, that mklocal then acts upon ?

(BTW, you might check the 5th paragraph in that mklocal post - I think a typo has crept into the example of mapping a local file to a URL)

Oh, and... I read most of the AD thread as you suggested... man, I need a shower after going through all that ! You deserve uber-points for patience Rofl.

ps: I'm having no luck understanding what fields can be queried with the "extrajson.* = fieldname" parameters in the config file. I thought the info here would show me a list, but no.
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