[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2016-01-26, 08:17)gjwAudio Wrote: Indeed. I've been looking at the post announcing mklocal.py, and can't quite discern the minimum number of parameters required to make it do what I need Eek. I desperately need that knocked-up script, to fix/restore the non-standard art every time a scan wipes it out !

The example in the linked post is pretty minimal, you'd just change the artwork types to "--artwork fanart poster banner" and it will automatically download any remote fanart/poster/banner artwork to your local filesystem alongside your movies, and then associate any new local fanart/poster/banner artwork with your movies. If you don't want remote artwork downloaded, add "--readonly".

Change the --local and --prefix arguments to suit your configuration.

(2016-01-26, 08:17)gjwAudio Wrote: The chicken-and-egg thing is making me crazy... how can I create a process that will recognize these non-standard guys and "automatically" re-associate them with their respective movies ?

That's what we're discussing.

(2016-01-26, 08:17)gjwAudio Wrote: Also, can it be run repeatedly without messing up any fixes done previously ?


(2016-01-26, 08:17)gjwAudio Wrote: OK, I presume it's possible Angel. Curiosity (on my part) wants to know how the three steps you outline work together. What does the vscan do/create, that mklocal then acts upon ?

"texturecache.py vscan" initiates a video library scan (use ascan for audio/music scans) - this will add any new movies (or tvshows/episodes) to your library. It's basically the same as clicking "Update library" in the GUI. After this any new movies will have poster and fanart - possibly remote if nothing found locally - but no banners.

You then run mklocal.py to download any remote artwork that is being used (although this is optional), and mklocal.py will also automatically associate movies that don't already have associations with any matching local artwork, including banners.

If a movie already has an association with a local artwork file it won't be changed, unless you add the option --nokeep as this will enable removal of any association where the artwork file (remote or local) no longer exists - handy when cleaning up garbage/stale/non-existent associations.

Once you've created new associations in your media library you might want to pre-load the texture cache of every client by executing "texturecache.py c movies" (or sets, or tvshows) against each client in turn.

I run a process similar to this whenever new movies/episodes are detected on my NAS. Or you could just run it on a regular schedule, say every morning at 3am, or just run it whenever you feel like.

(2016-01-26, 08:17)gjwAudio Wrote: (BTW, you might check the 5th paragraph in that mklocal post - I think a typo has crept into the example of mapping a local file to a URL)

Thanks, fixed.

(2016-01-26, 08:17)gjwAudio Wrote: ps: I'm having no luck understanding what fields can be queried with the "extrajson.* = fieldname" parameters in the config file. I thought the info here would show me a list, but no.

For extrajson.movies: Video.Fields.Movie - click on "[show]":
"items": {
    "enums": [

$ texturecache.py Jd movies avatar @extrajson.movies=rating,votes,dateadded
    "art": {
      "clearart": "image://nfs:// (2009)[DVDRip]-clearart.png/",
      "clearlogo": "image://nfs:// (2009)[DVDRip]-logo.png/",
      "fanart": "image://nfs:// (2009)[DVDRip]-fanart.jpg/",
      "poster": "image://nfs:// (2009)[DVDRip]-poster.jpg/"
    "dateadded": "2010-07-09 23:32:43",
    "file": "nfs:// (2009)[DVDRip].m4v",
    "label": "Avatar",
    "movieid": 2126,
    "rating": 7.900000095367432,
    "title": "Avatar",
    "votes": "840438"
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.

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