[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
Hi Milhouse

thanks for this useful script.

I have an "issue" regarding wallpapers (I'm using Amber skin, I don't know if that matters) : I use customs wallpapers for each menu item (animation, sports, tv shows, etc.).

Running "texturecache.py P" produces this :

Quote:003307|6/6c42a84f.jpg|0720|1280|0004|2016-02-03 04:29:44|2016-02-02 23:31:02|/home/osmc/wallpapers/Courts.png
003309|1/1047037a.jpg|0000|0000|0004|2016-02-03 04:29:44|2016-02-02 23:31:03|/home/osmc/wallpapers/Divers.jpg
003303|4/4df192bb.jpg|0000|0000|0002|2016-02-02 22:30:54|2016-02-02 23:30:48|/home/osmc/wallpapers/Documentaires.jpg
003304|6/64896cef.jpg|0720|1280|0001|2016-02-02 22:30:56|2016-02-02 23:30:56|/home/osmc/wallpapers/Films.jpg
003302|9/92e08f78.jpg|0000|0000|0003|2016-02-02 22:30:54|2016-02-02 23:30:48|/home/osmc/wallpapers/Frozen.jpg
003310|9/93b2247a.jpg|0000|0000|0001|2016-02-02 22:51:31|2016-02-02 23:51:31|/home/osmc/wallpapers/Kodi.jpg
003306|2/2d8c63ff.jpg|0000|0000|0005|2016-02-03 04:29:44|2016-02-02 23:31:00|/home/osmc/wallpapers/Series.jpg
003305|6/6dbbe492.jpg|0000|0000|0001|2016-02-02 22:30:57|2016-02-02 23:30:57|/home/osmc/wallpapers/Sport.jpg

As a result, when browsing into custom menu items, I get a small lag (before, I guess, the wallpaper is cached again).
Running "texturecache.py c" does not correct this issue.

Is there any way to "exclude" my wallpapers from prune, or is there a way to re-cache them ?

Many thanks in advance.

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