[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2016-02-05, 02:23)Milhouse Wrote:
(2016-02-05, 01:26)guido1138 Wrote: As an aside, I've seen the "nc" function, which shows required artwork that is not cached. I wonder if we could have a converse function like "oc" (e.g. over-cached), which shows non-required artwork that is cached. Or perhaps even a sort of modified "C" function that doesn't ignore some artwork removal?


What's over-cached for you is not over-cached for someone else - how to tell?

This has nothing to do with me or someone else. As I explained clearly in my post, "required" refers to the artwork types defined in the cache.artwork property. That's how you tell what's unnecessarily cached. This is the same the terminology you yourself use in the README so I assumed it would be clear:
[nc] Identify those items that require caching (and would be cached by c option)

As I also explained my post, a hypothetical "oc" command would be the inverse of "nc", showing cached items which wouldn't normally be cached using the "c" command and according to the cache.artwork propoerty.

(2016-02-05, 02:23)Milhouse Wrote: Have a look at "purge" (and "purgetest" for testing) to remove artwork en mass. Give it the partial path for the cached artwork and it will remove them, eg.
texturecache.py purgetest all %clearart.png %logo.png %banner.jpg
substitute purge for purgetest to perform the actual deletion once you're happy with what it matches.
I already looked at the purge command but since it only scans the texture DB it wont work since most online-scraped artwork doesn't match fixed patterns like your example. That's why I was looking at the "c/nc/C" command family which cross-check the media library against texture DB.

Hopefully this is all clear now.

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