[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2016-02-25, 03:47)Milhouse Wrote: Ahh... "tron: legacy" is the title... Smile

Uh yeah. Pretty funny, now that it's revealed as that Blush.

But I'm still struggling with how to do an effective cleanup of media file names vs names in the database. I'm looking at the 2 Guns folder, where 2 Guns (2013)-clearlogo.png is found.

In the movies.dat output, I see a clearlogo-type file named 2 Guns (2013)-logo.png.

...and when I search using texturecache.py s "2 guns"
OpenELEC:~/.kodi/userdata/_TextureCache # ./texturecache.py s "2 guns"
078846|8/8616269e.jpg|0720|1280|0013|2016-02-24 20:47:13|2016-02-24 03:47:33|smb://FREENAS/media/Movies/2 Guns (2013)/2 Guns (2013)-fanart.jpg
078847|9/918aa19a.jpg|0720|0480|0015|2016-02-24 20:47:13|2016-02-24 02:20:11|smb://FREENAS/media/Movies/2 Guns (2013)/2 Guns (2013)-poster.jpg
084526|c/c3778d0b.jpg|0439|0780|0012|2016-02-24 20:47:13|2016-02-24 04:09:28|smb://FREENAS/media/Movies/2 Guns (2013)/extrathumbs/thumb1.jpg
084528|5/516d4211.jpg|0439|0780|0012|2016-02-24 20:47:13|2016-02-24 04:09:28|smb://FREENAS/media/Movies/2 Guns (2013)/extrathumbs/thumb3.jpg
084529|1/1860259c.jpg|0439|0780|0012|2016-02-24 20:47:13|2016-02-24 04:09:28|smb://FREENAS/media/Movies/2 Guns (2013)/extrathumbs/thumb2.jpg
084530|a/aa8e6905.jpg|0439|0780|0012|2016-02-24 20:47:13|2016-02-24 04:09:28|smb://FREENAS/media/Movies/2 Guns (2013)/extrathumbs/thumb4.jpg
084553|5/53fd468c.jpg|0185|1000|0015|2016-02-25 05:20:36|2016-02-24 03:46:51|smb://FREENAS/media/Movies/2 Guns (2013)/2 Guns (2013)-banner.jpg
Matching row ids: 78846 78847 84526 84528 84529 84530 84553
OpenELEC:~/.kodi/userdata/_TextureCache #

...no *logo.png at all in the returned rows Undecided.

So I forget which naming standard is "best" used - logo or clearlogo ?

Correct me if I'm wrong (first time this week, right Wink ) the jd query runs against the Library, and that is where my bogus VIDEO_TS-prefixed filenames are now stored. A run using vclean does not help - how do I delete these guys ? If I don't, running the Three Amigos (where mklocal.py passes on the bogus files) will perpetuate the mess.

After another couple runs through the prescribed steps, I still do not see the evidence on my Kodi display, that all the banners were recognized, associated and cached. Still about a third of the banners are "not shown". In fact the last pass has done something to prevent posters & fanart from displaying.

In desperation, both Artwork Downloader & Artwork Beef were run (could this get any worse Huh). How can I troubleshoot why so much of the local art is not being associated, cached and displayed in Kodi ?

If it's of any use, HERE is the screen dump from the final set of script runs.

Gotta get off the computer now Rolleyes - Thanks Milhouse.
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