[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility

after having moved from my old HTPC to an RPi3 with osmc, I started to try out your tool, because my Textures database and the thumbnails folder have become bigger and bigger.
I have executed your script with the parameter p, which from my understanding should have deleted all outdated entries.

Now when I search for one movie, this is what I get:

[email protected]:~$ ./texturecache.py s "Avatar"
016731|9/99b66ed9.jpg|0273|0185|0001|2015-09-17 19:38:27|2015-09-17 21:38:27|smb://white/filme/Avatar (2009)/Avatar.Aufbruch.nach.Pandora.2009.tbn
016739|6/6e7890bd.jpg|0439|0780|0001|2015-09-17 19:38:34|2015-09-17 21:38:34|smb://white/filme/Avatar (2009)/Avatar.Aufbruch.nach.Pandora.2009-fanart.jpg
017229|4/4d84d582.jpg|0439|0780|0005|2015-12-20 21:30:26|2015-09-19 21:06:59|D:\xbmc_videodb_2015-09-19\movies\Avatar_-_Aufbruch_nach_Pandora_2009-fanart.jpg
017230|5/5a185286.jpg|0273|0185|0007|2015-12-20 21:30:50|2015-09-19 21:06:59|D:\xbmc_videodb_2015-09-19\movies\Avatar_-_Aufbruch_nach_Pandora_2009-poster.jpg
024134|9/99aac533.jpg|0439|0780|0001|2016-01-31 14:31:33|2016-01-31 15:31:33|C:\xbmc_videodb_2016-01-31\movies\Avatar_-_Aufbruch_nach_Pandora_2009-fanart.jpg
024135|8/8e364237.jpg|0273|0185|0001|2016-01-31 14:31:33|2016-01-31 15:31:33|C:\xbmc_videodb_2016-01-31\movies\Avatar_-_Aufbruch_nach_Pandora_2009-poster.jpg
026659|0/0417fdf0.jpg|0273|0185|0003|2016-05-29 05:17:04|2016-05-29 07:16:58|smb://syno/filme/Avatar (2009)/Avatar.Aufbruch.nach.Pandora.2009.tbn
026766|3/36c3308d.jpg|0439|0780|0004|2016-06-03 18:44:08|2016-05-29 07:44:34|C:\xbmc_videodb_2016-05-14\movies\Avatar_-_Aufbruch_nach_Pandora_2009-fanart.jpg
026767|2/215fb789.jpg|0273|0185|0007|2016-06-03 18:44:36|2016-05-29 07:44:34|C:\xbmc_videodb_2016-05-14\movies\Avatar_-_Aufbruch_nach_Pandora_2009-poster.jpg
028957|e/ecb67d09.jpg|0439|0780|0002|2016-05-29 05:17:04|2016-05-29 07:16:58|smb://syno/filme/Avatar (2009)/Avatar.Aufbruch.nach.Pandora.2009-fanart.jpg
031184|d/d74d29b8.jpg|0720|0480|0004|2016-05-28 22:20:53|2016-05-28 20:59:09|smb://syno/filme/Avatar (2009)/poster.jpg
031302|c/c0d1aebc.jpg|1080|1920|0001|2016-05-28 18:59:55|2016-05-28 20:59:55|smb://syno/filme/Avatar (2009)/fanart.jpg
032513|5/5c8a83ca.jpg|0439|0780|0001|2016-08-03 18:08:34|2016-08-03 20:08:34|special://userdata/addon_data/script.artworkorganizer/MovieFanart/Avatar - Aufbruch nach Pandora (2009).jpg
Matching row ids: 16731 16739 17229 17230 24134 24135 26659 26766 26767 28957 31184 31302 32513

smb://syno/filme is the current path where the movie is located, all the other pathes that are listed here (C, D and network share white) are outdated, not even available anymore.
Is there a simple way to ged rid of all this data from entries that are not existing anymore?

And another question: At a former time I once had an issue with duplicated entries after moving files to another share, the reason was that Kodi sources are case-sensitive. I corrected it, but now your script finds two entries for every tv show file, one with smb://syno/ and one with smb://SYNO/.
The search functionality of your script does not seem to be case sensitive, so is there a way to identify the entries with capital letters and delete them?

And a third question: If I delete entries with the option d, the thumbnails get deleted and as it seems also the database entries, but the database file Textures13.db still has exactly the same size, shouldn't it become smaller?

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